You Move MeMoving Efficiently

Project Details
Project DateMay 2013
ClientYou Move Me

This site was for the launch of the new brand You Move Me, located in both the US and Canada. This site had a lot of firsts for me which included: the first non automotive site and one that needed a blog engine on Glovebox; the first time I had used Foundation css framework; and the first time I had coded (a somewhat) responsive layout. With their business model, the need for franchises to have their own site within the corporate site was neccessary to be built into Glovebox.

I had to build a blog engine into Glovebox, which mainly included creating a taxonomy schema and all the hooks for that into Glovebox. When it came to the layout, the sidebar was the most difficult part. In the end, I used javascript to manipulate the layout on document load (something that I cringe at the thought of, but sometimes there’s no other way).

Categories html, css, javascript, responsive, php, mobile, glovebox