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Ted Sczelecki

Nothing is impossible. The only limitation is our imagination.

I absolutely love programming and have been working professionally in the industry for 10+ years. During that time I have built 3 full fledged SaaS products, worked on some of the biggest brands in Canada at advertising agencies and taught myself many other languages and frameworks in between. My favorite stack is Nodejs with Postgres on the backend and React on the frontend. There are times where this stack hasn’t been ideal, so I have always found the best language or framework for the job. This forced me to push myself to learn something new. In doing this I have built apps, tools and sites using: Angular/AngularJS, PHP/MySql, Android, Java, IOS and C#. On the creative side I am very well versed in Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.

On the frontend, I have a passion to build out different UX flows and interfaces to see what works best. There is always a balance in showing just the right amount of content and giving the user adequate functionality/customization so that the user can access everything they need quickly. Getting user feedback is invaluable when building user facing products but knowing why they are asking for a feature is even more important.

What I knowThings I've taught myself over the years

When I started my career, Flash was the biggest and baddest tech out there. Soon after, browsers and the internet became better and faster and, well, we all know what that did to Flash. I went from building full interactive sites in Flash, to more content centric sites leaning heavily on Javascript (and then CSS) to handle the animations and interactivity. From there I started learning how the backend and servers work and the different ways they communicate with the frontend. I built out REST apis in PHP using MySQL and then moved onto building them with NodeJS using Mongo or Postgres.

In addition to the web stacks Ive worked on, Ive built out native Android and IOS apps, built CLI tools/ job runners in Java and NodeJS and played around with countless libraries. Using the right tool for the job has been what what leads me down these many paths.

HTML CSS/CSS preprocessors - 11 Years
Vanilla Javascript - 9 Years
Build Tools (Webpack/Rollup) - 6 Years
React - 4 Years
AngularJS - 3 Years
Angular - 2 Years
PHP - 9 Years
SQL Databases (MySql, Postgres) - 8 Years
Nginx/Apache - 8 Years
NoSQL databases (mongoDB, Firebase) - 6 Years
NodeJS - 6 Years
Wordpress - 7 Years
Command line - 5 Years
Java - 4 Years
Android - 3 Years
Unity (C#) - 3 Years
Python - 2 Years
IOS - 2 Years

The WorkHand picked projects I've built

Best Life Rewarded
Walmart BlackWeb
Convert With Octane
Choose Nissan
The Orange Difference
Glovebox v2 Themes
You Move Me
Glovebox v1 Themes
The Grid TO

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